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“In the advertising industry, a SPEC AD (short for speculative advertisement) is an ad you create on your own. You don’t work with the ad agency or client; you are simply using a SPEC AD to show your talents.” by Apryl Duncan for The Balance
We always want to improve our skills, we always want to make a difference. Sometimes you do not have the kinds of work you want to do. So you have to create some of them to show your possible clients what you are capable of. That is what a spec project is about.
If you have never made a car advertisement, you create one. If you have never done a sunglasses ad, you create one. The difficult thing is that you do not have briefing from a client. You have to create something without a mark behind it. Of course you can based your work in an existing brand. But no briefing at all.
So if your are in a website (like TalentHouse) that can provide some briefing for a contest it is a very good start. If there is no briefing, make a research about the brand. Analyze the brand style guide, colors, shapes, typography, etc. Try to be as accurate as possible to the brand. And above all, have fun with the process.
The best thing about this is that you can experiment. You can find new ways to tell a story. You will learn a lot in the process if you push yourself to explore things that you didn’t know before. If you want to imitate another style, you can do it. Copying help you to dissect how something has been done.
Here I share with you some of my spec works.
Beer spec ad. It announces the sponsorship of OFFF by Moritz

Sunglasses  spec ad 

The second is for a beer 
And the third is a little lamp ad
And before them I made couple of homage title sequences. For The Hunt for Red October a main on end title sequence 
and main titles for Die Hard 
I participated in an contest organized by Talenthouse for Mercedes-Benz. Merdeces-Benz was presenting the new X-Class and they want some graphics or videos to share in their social media channels. So I created this 



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